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Buy gabbro (Diabase) from ANTIK

Bukinske / Bukinskoe

Gabbro Bukinske texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Bukinskoe

Ukrainian Night / Bystrievskoe

Gabbro Ukrainian Night texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Bystrievskoe

Notte Nero / Irshitskoe

Gabbro Notte Nero texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Irshitskoe

Antik Nero / Lugovoe

Gabbro Antik Nero texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Lugovoe

Black Prince / Shadurskoe

Gabbro Black Prince texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Shadurskoe

Kometa Black / Slipchitskoe

Gabbro Kometa Black texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Slipchitskoe

Gabbro – igneous rock, which also known as “Diabase”, but it has small difference because of a bit different relations between mineral elements. The color is black, but sometimes it can have a bit dark-green color, which depends on deposit. Because of its mineral properties and mechanical characteristics, gabbro is almost the same as black granite.

This stone like many other volcanic breeds is resistant to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, it is very difficult to scratch, as wear-resistant to various acids. The lifetime counts about 130 years of use, and only after this period you can see the first sign of aging. Therefore, it has a lot of applications for the improvement of roads and exterior decoration of residential buildings, design of streets and squares. For example, there are wide variety of very popular products such as monuments of gabbro and gabbro paving cubes, which you can buy from us.

Company ANTIK offers you to buy gabbro from manufacturer wholesale and retail with delivery through Great Britain, Europe and Asia territory. Price on each product made of gabbro will be as low as possible, the delivery will held in time, and quality is high. To ask any questions, get free example of the stone or fulfill order for gabbro contact us via phone or email – we will be glad to work with you.