Granite by 'ANTIK' company


Stone company
Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Natural stone and granite processing by ANTIK

Our granite and stone plant creates products with all existing methods of processing. After the extraction of stone is made, large boulders arrive on stonecutter for processing. At this stage in case of products, stonecutter machine made square billets from a big boulder, and for items intended for paving or facing, the block is cut into wafers.

Prior to all procedures feedstock passes first stage of quality control, which includes the certification of the material, which sets different hygienic standards, and define a class of natural background radiation.

On the next stage, from plates we create paving and cladding materials, such as: cube stones, slabs and curbs in certain sizes and shapes. Then we process the surface, which is divided into two main methods:

  1. Mechanical;
  2. Thermal (Flamed / Heat treatment);

Mechanically processed breed can be in next variations: sawn, split, hewn (machine cut), shot blasting, tumbled, polished, and compile various kinds, such as sawn-chopped.

Heat treatment of the stone implies the use of a high temperature and pressure, which is contactless. This gives a kind of seek-slip surface, even in contact with moisture.

At the end, standard items arrives in the warehouse for storage and future sculptures, monuments, columns, balustrades, custom-made items and other non-standard architecture comes in the form of billets to the workshop where the cutter at different angles gives basic shape of the model. After that highly qualified specialists with the help of specialized tools give the finished appearance for a product.