Granite by 'ANTIK' company


Stone company
Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Natural stone production by ANTIK

Production of stone by company ANTIK occurs on high-precision equipment, on all stages of manufacturing raw material have many quality checks and the range of different deposits counts more than 150 places and color variations. In creation of products we use such igneous rocks as: granite, gabbro, basalt, labradorite and anorthosite. This characteristic gives us ability to supply products on market with any colors and textures, and meet needs of the most demanding customers.

ANTIK capacities allows to extract stone blocks from own career in the amount of one and half thousand cubic meters per year. With own raw material our company produces 5 thousand square meters of tiles, 4000 meters of curbstones, 1 ton of split cubes and 4 thousand square meters of sawn cubes per month.

Having large quantity of working staff and sufficient number of high technology equipment ANTIK also provide wholesale and retail sale of such products as:

And many more different products made of natural stone.

One more advantage of our stone production, is constant presence of own architects and designers who can create customized and exclusive products under your order.

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