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Berestovetske / Berestovetskoe

Basalt Berestovetske texture

Breed: Basalt

Deposit: Berestovetskoe

Basalt stone – is a volcanic rock, which have dark color, and depending on the method of processing stone surface can become grey when dry and black when wet. The texture often presented in solid color and the raw material looks varied, depending on the processing method, for example, often spread following surface treatment:

  • Glossy: polished;
  • Matt: sawn and split;

The properties and characteristics of the natural basalt stone have same durability and substantially as granite or gabbro. It’s not afraid of sudden weather changes, able to withstand high loads and is resistant to various acids and abrasives. The same can be said about the service life, significant changes in aging are manifested at the expiration of 130-150 years. It is due to such factors breed used for decoration of buildings, paving of roads and exterior design.

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