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Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Granite and stone quarry by ANTIK

As many people know, granite quarrying can held with different methods of treatment. Besides, quality of natural stone extraction effect on the end quality of ready products. The world knows only three types of rock quarrying – with help of explosives, crushing under high pressure and using the stonecutter.

Company ANTIK uses only stonecutter method, because only with this way you can get maximum quality of raw material and have fewer waste products. This type of treatment is most expensive, but in the end result you have best quality of finished product.

On the most territories of the world, companies use the cheapest way to extract rock, in other words – using an explosive. The main problem of such method laying in big quantity of waste materials, irregular work piece dimensions with lots of micro cracks.

High pressure technology gives less waste materials, better quality, but breed still have micro cracks and price bit higher.

If you’re searching for good wholesale and retail supplier of natural stone in Great Britain, Europe or Asia, company ANTIK ready for fruitful cooperation with you and will provide nice prices with delivery to your city.