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Extra Blue Ukraine / Dobrynskoe

Labradorite Extra Blue Ukraine texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Dobrynskoe

Volga Blue Extra / Gorbulevskoe

Labradorite Volga Blue Extra texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Gorbulevskoe

Volga Blue / Kamennobrodskoe

Labradorite Volga Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Kamyanobrodskoe

Silver Grey / Kovalevskoe

Labradorite Silver Grey texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Kovalevskoe

Galactic Blue / Ocheretyanskoe

Labradorite Galactic Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Ocheretyanskoe

Irina Blue / Osnykovskoe

Labradorite Irina Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Osnykovskoe

Fantasy Azure / Slobodskoe

Labradorite Fantasy Azure texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Slobodskoe

Labradorite – igneous stone which is really near to granite in reference of its characteristics, actually this stone most of people calls as blue granite, because of beautiful blue eyes irisation on the texture. It is very durable and doesn’t crumble or scratches, it is able to withstand strong temperature fluctuations, and is resistant to external stimuli such as an acid. The color range is mainly kept in black, brown and gray colors. Most of the popularity labradorite products purchased through attractive iridescence of blue or yellow color.

Labradorite is considered along granite with the eternal stone, which can be subjected to any treatment methods, giving a polished, sawn or chipped surface texture. Quite often, the breed is used to produce monuments of labradorite, the various architectural structures, in road construction and facing a variety of vertical and horizontal surfaces including not only the use in the exterior, but the interior of houses and buildings.

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