Granite by 'ANTIK' company


Stone company
Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Black granite stone buy from ANTIK

Berestovetske / Berestovetskoe

Basalt Berestovetske texture

Breed: Basalt

Deposit: Berestovetskoe

Bukinske / Bukinskoe

Gabbro Bukinske texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Bukinskoe

Ukrainian Night / Bystrievskoe

Gabbro Ukrainian Night texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Bystrievskoe

Extra Blue Ukraine / Dobrynskoe

Labradorite Extra Blue Ukraine texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Dobrynskoe

Volga Blue Extra / Gorbulevskoe

Labradorite Volga Blue Extra texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Gorbulevskoe

Notte Nero / Irshitskoe

Gabbro Notte Nero texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Irshitskoe

Volga Blue / Kamennobrodskoe

Labradorite Volga Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Kamyanobrodskoe

Silver Grey / Kovalevskoe

Labradorite Silver Grey texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Kovalevskoe

Antik Nero / Lugovoe

Gabbro Antik Nero texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Lugovoe

Galactic Blue / Ocheretyanskoe

Labradorite Galactic Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Ocheretyanskoe

Irina Blue / Osnykovskoe

Labradorite Irina Blue texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Osnykovskoe

Rakhni-Polivsky / Rahny-Polevskoe

Granite Rakhni-Polivsky texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Rachni-Polevskoe

Black Prince / Shadurskoe

Gabbro Black Prince texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Shadurskoe

Kometa Black / Slipchitskoe

Gabbro Kometa Black texture

Breed: Gabbro

Deposit: Slipchitskoe

Fantasy Azure / Slobodskoe

Labradorite Fantasy Azure texture

Breed: Labradorite

Deposit: Slobodskoe

If you’re searching for high quality and powerful black granite, price of which is low and selection is very wide – check our catalog. In our assortment you will find breed with massive textures and variations with blue eyes irisation, in both small and large ornaments. Also we have deposits with dark and light shades.

Company ANTIK makes products from black granite of different forms and types of surface processing. As an addition, we provide production under the order of client, i.e. we can make any item with your own design and form. Plus you can use help of our architects and designers, or use services of third-party specialists.

In production company ANTIK you can buy black granite with delivery through all the territory of Great Britain, Europe and Asia. Sale of stone is available for wholesale and retail customers. For any type of buyer we’ll try to offer as cheap as possible prices in the same time doesn’t loose in quality properties for the end product. Write us or call, the managers with pleasure helps you with selection, calculations and will answer on any question.