Granite by 'ANTIK' company


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Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Green granite stone: buy from ANTIK

Chovnovske / Chelnovskoe

Granite Chovnovske texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Chelnovskoe

Star of Ukraine / Didkovichskoe

Granite Star of Ukraine texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Didkovichskoe

Imperator / Ivanovskoe

Granite Imperator texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Ivanovskoe

Lukovetskiy / Lukovetskoe

Anorthosite Lukovetskiy texture

Breed: Anorthosite

Deposit: Lukovetskoe

Verde Oliva / Maslavskoe

Granite Verde Oliva texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Maslavskoe

Brown Ukraine / Mirnyanskoe

Granite Brown Ukraine texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Mirnyanskoe

Nerazhsky / Nerazhskoe

Granite Nerazhsky texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Nerazhskoe

Rogovske / Rogovskoe

Granite Rogovske texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Rogowskoe

Ukrainian Autumn / Vasilevskoe

Granite Ukrainian Autumn texture

Breed: Granite

Deposit: Vassilyevskoe

If you’re looking for high quality green colors granite, company ANTIK offers you to view our catalog of deposits. Green granite are presented with wide selection of small, medium and large textures, it is very powerful and wear resistant to adverse external factors.

Products made from green granite produced by our plant can have any surface texture and type of processing. For wholesale buyers without any problems we can provide large quantities of items, at the same time prices will be cheap. You can also buy green granite retail everywhere in Great Britain, Europe and Asia with delivery.

One of our advantages is not only providing to all customers professional consultation and help in calculations, but also we’re available to send you free example of green granite. Plus, we can make any products for your order, i.e. with your own design, form and quantity. To ask any questions or fulfill order contact us with any interested method provided on the website, we are always glad to work and cooperate with both wholesale and retail customers.