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Granite, gabbro, basalt and labradorite

Buy pillars and fence posts of natural stone from ANTIK

Fence posts made of natural stone is a great choice not only for effective dividing of different street zones, but also a good decorative improvement. You can use them as parking pillars to show zones where people can walk and where is the part of road provided for transport.

You can also you this product for fencing in parks, garden, street sidewalks, etc.

Advantage to use pillars made of natural stone in their high degree of wear resistance and hardness of the rock. Natural stone is not only can withstand all weather conditions and temperatures, it is also resistant to all kinds of damage of the mechanical nature.

A powerful plus of the product is in the aesthetic and decorative terms, as consumers are offered a wide range of different patterns and shapes, colors and textures. Importantly, we provide the buyer different variations of surface texture processing, for example, fence posts can be polished or matte, the height can vary depending on the application.

Product lifetime is very long, as igneous rocks do not lose their physical and mechanical properties and characteristics even after hundreds of years, plus they doesn’t needs in care.

You can buy sidewalk and parking bollards fence at lowest price from the ANTIK Company. We provide wholesale and retail sale with delivery in any city of Great Britain of Europe. Make purchase online or give us a call, our experienced staff will help make the right choice, provide the exact calculation of prices and quantities, answer on any questions, and provide assistance of professionals. By the way, before you buy, you can request a sample of the stone, which we will send free of charge.